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Why do so many traders fail?

After years of teaching and mentoring people, I saw a consistent pattern that leads novice traders to failure and blowing up accounts!

Trading expectations and results

High expectations

Trading is not what people on the internet try to sell!

Trading Mindset and Emotional Balance

Emotional balance

Trading is a 100% rational game; the key is to not get emotionally attached to your investments!

Trading Knowledge


Novice traders jump directly onto charts without knowing the basic trading concepts and hope they will win money

Our BASIC+ | Swing Alert program is designed to generate money and improve your trading knowledge at the same time!

How are we going to unleash your true trading potential?

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Get swing alerts directly on your device(s) of choice

Receive real-time alerts directly on your phone, email, or tablet, so you'll never miss an important trading opportunity.

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US market-based equities

We focus on US market-based equities, allowing you to tap into the vast potential of one of the world's most dynamic and lucrative markets.

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Stay up-to-date with moving and trending stocks

Don't let the market's constant fluctuations catch you off guard. We provide real-time updates on moving stocks, allowing you to identify safer and more profitable trades.

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Precise stocks to trade

Eliminate all the guesswork and confusion by trading particular stocks to give you confidence in your decisions!

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Receive regular updates on current trades

We keep you informed about your current trades to maximize your profits and invest your money wisely.

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Video analysis of daily trades

Gain valuable insights and expert analysis through our video content. We provide in-depth analysis of daily trades, giving you a comprehensive understanding of market trends and helping you make informed trading decisions.

Meet your instructor

Luca Moschini is the founder of SharperTrades, an online trading site offering comprehensive training programs designed to help you achieve your goals!

Luca Moschini Trader

Luca is a swing trader with a main focus on individual stocks and ETFs (NASDAQ, NYSE, CME Group).

He is a passionate, experienced, and engaging instructor. His main mission is to help you become a successful and more profitable trader.

"Trade what you see, not what you think."

The SharperTrades team and other 10,000 like-minded traders are waiting for you!

We helped so many traders gain confidence in their decisions and stop gambling in the markets!

Our signals are clear and straightforward!

Luca Moschini Trader

⚡Accurate stocks to trade

⚡Exact entry points

⚡Precise target points

⚡Clear stop losses

We always provide regular updates on current trades

Trading expectations and results

Take your trading to the next level

The results speak for themselves

Astonishing trades, achieving over a 78% win rate with our strategy!

Profitable Trade Example

PLTR +34% in 9 days

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CVNA +29% in 3 days

Profitable Trade Example

AMD +24% in 11 days

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NNOX +114% in 9 days
👑 Best trade of the year

Profitable Trade Example

UBER +12% in 5 days

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MARA +28% in 5 days

Profitable Trade Example

SHOP +31% in 16 days

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MKC +9% in 29 days

Here is what our students say

Ahmed Elgabaly

five-star rating and review

Luca created an amazing comprehensive platform for not only learning about stocks and trading but also for directly applying that knowledge and making money, highly recommended

Ronnie D.

five-star rating and review

The instructor [Luca] got me to the point where I have been able to make money and honestly he gives valuable advice... He doesn't confuse you and he is straight to the point... very comprehensive

Alessandro C.

five-star rating and review

If you want to learn how to invest your money wisely, limiting your risks and increasing your revenues, this is [what] you need... Luca is always prompt and available to answer any questions... really, I would give it 6 stars if I could! VERY RECOMMENDED!

Jessica A.

five-star rating and review

I [was] a complete beginner and I can [now] trade with a level of confidence I did not know I would ever achieve... If you are serious about becoming a trader, you can stop looking for mentors. You have found the best right here.

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