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Your affiliate commission rate will be 25%.

Prior to submitting your application, please note the following conditions set forth by Teachable:

  • All referred purchases are attributed to the buyer’s last-clicked affiliate link or code.
  • The default referral window allows referrals from initial clicks within 30 days.

By clicking "Submit", I confirm that I have read, understand, acknowledge, and accept the foregoing Terms of Use as an affiliate on the Teachable platform.

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With over 150,000 students worldwide, a highly discounted entry offer, and a generous policy commission make SharperTrades is a no-brainer for most people. 

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Once you sign up as an affiliate, you have access to the affiliate platform for promoting both one-time high-ticket courses as well as our alert services (which include recurring commissions). 

You can promote one or both. You are welcome to use promotional methods you are already familiar with, as long as they are not in violation of our rules or any other ethical or moral rules.

Your affiliate commission rate will be 25%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it cost anything to join?

It does not cost anything to become a SharperTrades affiliate. We pay you for the sales you generate.

Q. How do payouts work? Payouts are sent via PayPal 30 days after purchases are generated from your buyers.

Q. How do I contact you?

You may contact us for direct questions by clicking the little message icon on the bottom right-hand side of this page.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

NO self promotion: anyone found to be trying to use their own affiliate link to refer themselves as a sale will have those commissions voided.

You agree to promote our products and services in a way that is in line with FTC rules and local laws.

We recommend that you use a redirect link to cloak your affiliate link for higher conversions.

Do not send spam of any kind or junk traffic. Ad Fly, Traffic Monsoon, Safe Lists, or any of these types of “cheap and junk traffic” sources are worthless.

Anyone caught doing so will be banned and their commissions voided. No negative words in your marketing are allowed (i.e., “Is SharperTrades a SCAM? ”). If we find you doing it, you’ll be banned from promoting SharperTrades immediately.

No cash rebates are allowed.

Affiliates shall not create social media pages, channels, or websites using the ‘SharperTrades’ brand name, i.e.,

This is to prevent any abuse of our brand and intellectual property and avoid customer confusion. Doing so will have your affiliate account terminated.

Payment Terms

You must have a PayPal account to participate in our program. Commissions are paid out automatically after 30 days of the purchase.

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on most products and services. Please read the details for each individual product and service.

If during the first 14 days, one of the customer(s) you have referred requests money back, a full refund will be issued, and no payment will be made to the affiliate with regards to that refunded sale.