Julia Richardson

"Kal, thank you so much for teaching this class. You made the concepts easy to understand, and the examples really reinforced the information you were conveying. I've signed up for more of your courses and look forward to learning more about how to become a successful trader!"

Christian C

"I can not stress how much I have learned by this course alone. Before getting into this, I learned that you need anywhere from 400-500 hours of training and learning to be a successful trader. I feel that this course was a huge chunk of it. This was a great baseline to further expand my knowledge. Luca was great at explaining every detail and made sure to go over it again to reinforce it. I look forward to taking more courses taught by Luca."

Neij Hyuga

"The explanations are very clear and concise. I love his courses. Very well organized course. The instructor answers all questions I may have."

James Lim

"Good lesson. Clear and easy to follow."

Jerome Manuel

"Great job I like it so much. Thank you very much 5.0 excellent"

Michael Dao

"I did take 7 couses with Kal and Luca... Just to point out both are very skilled and knowledgable. You have to listen multiple time to have a feel on how Luca is directing/analyzing the chart; After a while you can do on your own, it's second nature. I learn quite a lot, now I just need to practice on paper account before using a margin account. Looking forward to see what next."

Karl Ting

"Kal Zurn did an excellent job explaining the basics of option trading. The examples given during the course made it easier to understand the differences between call/put options."

Fadi Tahan

"If you are looking for a trading primer, look no further, worth every penny and every minute invested in the course."

Paul Popa

"I bought 2 courses from this instructor as he's explanations are really good and in a simple format for everyone to understand. I would say that this course deserves my money for anyone that wants to get into a little technical analysis."

Sanjay Mullesserril

"Excellent course explaining innovative Iron Condor trading strategies. The instructor first explains the concepts of a trading strategy, then shows practical examples of the trade and then discuss the profit loss probabilities, advantages /dis-advantages of each trade strategy in a very simple easy to understand manner. You do not need to be a maths expert to understand this. The instructor explains with real life trading examples, not just theoretical concepts. Note: You need to understand the option basics and also what are vertical spreads and what are iron condors..that is..this is not a basic course. It expects that you have an idea what an option is, what a vertical spread is and what an iron condor is. A+++"

Alessandro Coraglia

"This is the third course from Luca that I have finished. I would simply use one adjective to describe it (enlightening), but I believe that Udemy wants more. If you want to learn how to invest your money wisely, limiting your risks and increasing your revenues, this is the course that you need to follow (if you happen to be on cryptocurrencies, but not only). Luca is always prompt and available to answer any questions... really, I would give it 6 stars if I could! VERY RECOMMENDED!."

Reginald Vickers

"Kal is an awesome instructor. We are beginners and we had been watching Tasty Trades. Every newbie who wants to make money needs to take all of Kal's courses."

Mary Jaksch

"Excellent course! Everything is easy to understand. I am feeling a lot more confident as I go through this course!"

Gerald Keller

"incredible explanation about managing winners and why trading small and often can work based on the 50% profit strategy."

James Keck

"The information is given in a concise and understandable manner."

Anna Veronica Mendez

"I bought a book about trading and could not go through the first few pages about candlestick patterns. I thought it was a very complicated subject and couldn't move on to the next topic. This course made it very interesting and easy to digest for a slow learner like me. I feel more confident now and I think I can make good trades based on the knowledge I got from this course. There's a lot to learn but this is a very good place to start."

Zac Edwards

"I found the course to be extremely good at explaining the concepts needed."

Amit Cohen

"Understanding candlesticks is the foundation technical analysis. This course is a must... Thank you Luca for a detailed information, It was an absolute joy."

Ilham Chami

"Course was simple and clear. The lessons taught are useful and interesting. I enjoyed the learning overall."

Clifton Solomon

"Rare combination of being very detail and thorough yet, short and sweet and to the point. Also very clear and concise best udemy teacher I've had so far."

Edie Tacang

"This is really good for me he is the best to explain technical analysis, i found a someone who goes beyond expectations..."

Simon Martinez

"Luca explains really easy, makes the training very easygoing and he uses real cases from the stock market."

Gerard Keller

"Great explanation and easy to follow. Just enough repetition to help me retain all the information without losing interest."


"This course was very useful through its approach of simplicity and directness. It helped me to answer most of basic yet important questions and summarize an overall review on what I have read in the past about swing trading."

David M.

"This course is great, there are a lot of courses about options out there that are free but very hard to find a good course that is well explained. I have seen LOTS of free videos in youtube and Kal by far is one of the best instructors that I have ever known. This course is worth to buy (and his other courses), it is very well structured. Options are very difficult to learn when you see numbers every where but Kal takes the time to circle the numbers and connects them if there is a relationship with others (this makes it very easy to follow). I have many other Option courses from Udemy, some of them are boring, some of them are good but Kal has great teaching tools that makes him one of my favorites. I highly recommend Kal, you can tell he loves what he teaches. Thank you to make Options easy to understand."

Antoine Girou

"Fantastic! I enjoyed every minute of this course and I'm definitely more skilled and confident in trading."

Mr Farid

"Absolutely useful and a very helpful instructor."

Sam Martin

"One of the best courses on technical analysis."

Anthony David

"The instructor know his stuff !!!!!!!!! If you're new to options and need to get a better understanding of options, this is the course for you !!!! Kal knows what he's talking about and this course is the real deal. I've traded options before and thought I knew a lot but Kal has shown me that I still have a lot to learn. I'm so glad that I took this course, it is for you if you've traded before or you're new to options. This course is a must have in your tool bag !!!!!! If you want to advance your options trading business, you'd better take this course !!!!!!!!! Thanks..."

Arius Jaya

"I have taken some classes on Cryptocurrencies but only Luca Moschini who explains the best. He has a very well structured set of lessons that make me able to really understand each material being taught. I really enjoy his live trading session. It gives me a real time understanding on how we must trade, about do's and dont's. I will take his other courses for sure."

Omar Khodr

"Great opportunity of learning at a dynamic and interactive way. People usually pay thousands of dollars or spend years in university to get some of these insights, here I can do at a low cost at the comfort of my home."

Andrew Owen

"The course moves quickly while driving home the main components of a covered call. The instructor does a good job illustrating the relationship between strike price, cost basis, POP and ROR. The live trading examples were helpful."

Vlado Krajcinovic

"Candlestick and technical trading helps me to improve my knoweledge about trading."

Merril Gibson

"There is a LOT of material in the course. The instructor goes through many example of trading to illustrate his points. He actually trades real time and executes his approach, with detailed explanations, as time goes along on the trading platform! I DEFINITELY feel I got a lot for my money...."

Hakim Mali

"Great course and a good insight of cryptocurrencies in general, really well explained especially if you’re a beginner."

Richard Juguilon

"I really enjoyed the course and was able to realized my trading mistakes . Now I can come back to trade with more knowledge in breakout patterns, right entry and exit strategy using support and resistance and the basic technical analysis."

Sirus Azadi

"Pretty solid course. Easy to understand and follow, Luca knows his stuff!"

Venkata Rama Krishan

"Very nice course. Learned a lot.. Thank you!"


"Great course... many different patterns and techniques are taught in straight forward fashion. If you don't know anything you will after watching and going through this course"

Khoren Pilibossian

"My first trading course. Loved how Luca explained step by step."

Tim Rico

"The material is great. The instructor kept me interested and made me feel like I could easily recreate the steps in this course. I would recommend this course and I will be looking into purchasing others from this instructor."

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"Everything is explained as if I were an idiot and I love it!!! This course deserves 5 star from me."

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"Great content, teacher really takes his time to ensure that everything is properly learned."

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"Good informative course. Thank you."

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"I am absolutely love'it this course. VERY informative."