Job market - The job market, also known as labour market, is the place where both employers and job seekers conduct their searches. The job market is a term that illustrates the competitiveness and interaction between various labor forces rather than a physical location. Depending on the availability and demand for labor within the larger economy, the job market may expand or contract. The demands of a particular industry, the requirement for a given degree of education or skill set, and necessary job tasks are other market-influencing elements. A important part of any economy is the job market, which is closely related to consumer demand for goods and services.

Jobless claims
- Weekly statistical report by the U.S. Department of Labor that tracks the number of people who apply for unemployment insurance benefits. In terms of unemployment claims, there are two types: initial, which includes those who are filing for the first time, and continuous, which includes those who have previously been collecting unemployment benefits. Unemployment claims are a crucial early predictor of the strength of the labor market and the economy's overall health.

Joint venture (JV)
- A joint venture (JV) is an agreement between two or more parties to combine their resources in order to carry out a certain objective, such as a new project or any other type of commercial activity. Each partner in a JV is accountable for the venture's gains, losses, and expenses. The venture, however, exists independently of the participants' other commercial ventures.

Junk bond
- Bonds with a lower credit rating—BB or lower—and typically a greater yield, that carry a higher default risk than the majority of corporate and governmental bonds. A bond is a debt or promise that, in exchange for being purchased, would pay investors interest payments as well as the return of their principal investment. Junk bonds are bonds issued by struggling businesses that run a significant risk of defaulting, failing to make interest payments, or failing to return investors' principle.

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